Your Dream. Our Goal.

View the steps we'll take to build your semi-custom home.

Our Semi Custom Home Process

Having our origins in luxury Custom Home building, we bring high-quality standards and an exceptional amount of modification potential to the world of Semi-Custom. Our goal with our Semi-Custom homes is to translate your dream home onto paper, and from paper into reality while tightly adhering to your budget needs. We do this by giving you advice and direction along the way to help you make the right design choices for your budget.

First - We Analyze

We take the plan you like (ours or yours) and the lot you like (ours, yours, or one we find together) and we run a build-cost analysis. This gives us a starting point and sets realistic expectations for cost. There is no charge for this courtesy service.

Step 2 - Design Phase

You meet with our in-house architect and discuss the changes that you want from your plan. The architect works on revisions and you give feedback, and at every iteration, we update the budget for building. This requires a $5,000 partially refundable retainer.

Step 3 - Contract

Once we have final plans and budget, we go through specifications and set allowances for finishes and then we sign a fixed price contract to build. Down payment depends on how you opt to finance, but typically 10% if constructing on a lot we own or 20% on a lot that needs to be purchased for the build.

Step 4 - Selections

While your plans are being engineered and permitted, you visit our designers and showrooms to select your specific finishes.

Step 5 - Construction

Once your selections are made and we have a permit, you meet your Project Manager onsite to review the placement of your house before we begin excavation. Then through the construction process, you will meet your project manager regularly to review the work that has been completed.

Final Step - Closing!

From about 90 days out, we begin planning the day you close. Once the finishing touches are made and your house gets professionally cleaned, you get to move in!

Take A Look Inside Our Semi-Custom Homes

Interior spaces should be as unique as the family that inhabits them and be inspired by that family’s individuality. We make good design a hallmark of the spaces we create.

If your dreams don’t scare you they’re not big enough.