If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Our Beginning

After 20 years of honing their skills as real estate brokers, Andrew and Kaly Batson started to see a pattern amongst home builders.  They’ve helped families negotiate one of the largest financial decisions of their life, yet something was missing.  Deal after deal, it resonated even more.  The Batson’s recognized that none of the home builders were structured around the needs of the customer, but rather what worked best for the builder. 

An opportunity soon arose for Andrew and Kaly to purchase the luxury lake development at Pelican Shores.  Andrew went on a search for a builder partner that he felt could provide the style, value, and level of service that he would be proud to offer to his home buyers, but there wasn’t any. 

Thus…. Copper Homes Limited was born. The foundation of Copper Homes Limited is built around the client’s most essential need – a great home building experience.  As we employ some of the finest craftsman in the state, we serve to build you a better house and deliver a better all-around experience from design to move-in.

Meet The Team

Keith Knaus
Project Manager
Keith has served as our lead framer for many years and was recently promoted to project manager (a guy's knees only have so many days of framing in them) Keith has worked in many phases of construction for thirty-five years and his hands on experience and know-how make him one of our most valuable resources when building complicated custom homes.
While you may be focused on the pretty renderings our design team produces, Keith sees welding connections, plate heights and all the other structural details that make a dream home come together. Keith has been married to his beautiful wife for 34 years and enjoyscamping and riding 4 wheelers.
Matt Hill

Matt is a talented framer, finish carpenter and all around friendly guy. He may have been involved in the framing of your home and be back to help with some of the final punchlist items. Matt has been a trusted resource for Copper Homes since 2015.

Chad Volosin
Lead Framer
Trenton Bodin
Marketing Director
Trenton is the Marketing Director for both Copper Homes and our real estate team, Your Way Home. His job is to make sure that all the cross channel marketing we create is as polished as the homes we are building! With his creative thinking and background in photography, he has the skill set to picture you in your new home! 

He has a passion for adventure and sports, and holds a Bachelors Of Graphic Design from the University of Wisconsin. Trenton has two adventurous dogs and enjoys taking on hikes with a rewarding view. If he’s not on the trails, you can find him playing soccer on the pitch or hitting the links playing golf.
Sky Mignery
Residential Designer

Sky joined Copper Homes as a residential designer in 2020. She graduated with a degree in Environmental Design from CU Boulder and then spent five years at a small firm managing a variety of projects from small tenant finishes to custom homes to large multi-use commercial buildings. Sky is passionate about helping clients transform their visions into the home of their dreams. Outside of work, she enjoys hiking and skiing. 

Ben Bell
Construction and Design Coordinator

Ben most recently joined our team bringing 10 years of experience working in a varitety of construction specialities. He spent 4 years honing his technical skills with the various trades and understanding how they all work together in the field.

After Ben maximized his exposure to the trades, he went to CU Boulder for Environmental Design to understand the design side of the field. He has continued to work in the fields of construction and design since graduation, utilizing skills from both sides of the field to make jobs run as smoothly as possible. When Ben is not working, he likes to spend as much time as possible playing in the mountains.